The Towermat is a flexible concept for the painless storage and retrieval of almost any product or raw material.

Whether bar stock or other long goods, stacks of sheet metal or palletized goods, tooling or fixtures – the TowerMat meets many demands and can be optimized to fit perfectly in your operation.

Efficient and Productive Materials Handling:

The TowerMat uses the smallest footprint and provides the most ergonomic and safe handling of your inventory. Built to your load and location specifications, the TowerMat yields rapid return on investment. From huge capacity gains in your existing warehouse area, or better – build TowerMat's load handling capability into production. It’s like having a new dynamic warehouse that fits seamlessly into your shop floor.

Put us to the test: one tower with one load/unload station or ten with multiple load/unload stations, the TowerMat is the perfect solution for your application.


Long goods storage systems are specially adapted to long materials. Over 40 years of solutions in storing long pipes, steel bars, long profiles - ask us, we've done it!

TowerMat has provided cassettes capable of loads up to 12, 500 mm long and weights up to 5 tonne.


Sheet metal can be difficult to handle, but not for the TowerMat.

An ingenious cassette design meets the challenge while providing maximum density, 100% selectivity, improved safety, and allowing use of existing handling equipment. Cassettes can handle sheets up to 2,000 mm by 4,000 mm with weights to 5 tonne.


TowerMat vertical lifts can be loaded with nearly any kind of material. Cassettes can be fitted and designed to handle awkward fixtures, tools, drop side wire baskets – share your needs and we can propose a space saving solution.

Possibilities are endless - rolled goods, cylinders, any item that needs to be stored safely and retrieved with the push of a button. Create a location for any object up to 2,000 mm front-to-back, up to several meters long and up to 1,500 mm high.


Powerful and easy to use controls for warehousing. Modern microprocessors in our INTTC71 and INT-DSC1 controls allow simple cassette requests or sophisticated inventory system integration when coupled with Warehouse Management software.

Watch our TowerMat System in Operation:

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