SILO² is an automated storage and retrieval system with shifting trays which is ideal for the storage of small to medium-sized products.

The SILO² has unique dimensional flexibility, both horizontally and vertically, which makes it ideal for any type of environment.

The modular design allows the machine to make full use of space in any warehouse or basement. SILO² offers, as standard, almost one billion possible configurations.

SILO² can be used for the automated storage and retrieval of all types of products, from light materials such as plastics, clothing-accessories and pharmaceuticals to much heavier products like steel moulds, nuts and bolts and mechanical components.

When dealing with materials of variable heights, the management software automatically scans the space occupied by each tray and then positions it in the most suitable location or alternatively it can be designed with fixed storage locations. The dedicated software package is easily integrated into 3rd party inventory systems, making stock control much more effective.


The housing within the storage columns which holds the various trays is known as a storage cassette. Where a storage system has been configured for static tray allocation, every tray is associated with a precise storage cassette, which means that every time it is handled and brought to an access opening, it is returned to the same place.

In a dynamic tray allocation, however, the trays can occupy one or more cassettes concurrently due to the fact that the height of the tray may vary according to requirements of the material stored. In this case every time the tray is brought to an access opening it might not be returned to the same location.

Finally, when the automated storage system is configured for mixed tray allocation, the storage cassettes may simultaneously satisfy the requirements of both tray allocation styles described above.


The internal access opening provides the work space for the operator. Each individual access opening is equipped with a safety light curtain which ensures that body parts or objects cannot pass into the storage system during automated storage and retrieval operations. The vertical shift system brings the trays requested to the access opening and once in position, with the automatic shutter closed, the user can deposit or pick items directly into the tray.

When these operations are finished the user must confirm on the operator panel that they have been concluded, in order for the tray retrieval mechanism to collect the tray and return it to its storage location. When access openings are positioned side-by-side they are known as an access opening group and can be made up of one, two or more operator access openings.


The tray represents the fundamental storage unit for SILO² and can be of various dimensions in terms of length and depth.

Made from a 2 mm single sheet of galvanized steel, it is equipped with a hooking system for the retrieval device. The tray can have a fixed or variable configuration depending on the type of tray management selected (pre-configured or automatic).

Watch our SILO² System in Operation:

  • Made-to-Measure Storage System
  • Trays available in 105 different dimensions
  • 1 or more access openings: internal, external, opposing or on different levels
  • Weight load capacity varying from 100 to 1000 kg/m²
  • Management software which can be interfaced with any type of company I.T. system
  • Climate control optional
  • Protection from dust/product damage
  • Tray Min Max
    Load Capacity (kg) 250 400
    Width (mm) 600 2000
    Depth (mm) 600 1200
    Height (mm) 75 400
    Usable Height (mm) 50 650
    Incremental Pitch(mm) 25 25
    Machine Min Max
    Width (mm) 1885 7085
    Depth (mm) 2421 4182
    Height (mm) 3000 15000
    Columns (n) 1 8
    Incremental Height (mm) 100 100

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