The SILO vertical storage system has been designed to store large quantities of materials and/or long products and exploit available space vertically, therefore reducing to a minimum the surface area required.

It can be fitted with simple and/or external access openings, which can also be on different levels and/or opposite each other.

The SILO series contains three different width and two depth options.

SILO L has a maximum load capacity of 500 or 750 kg, while the capacity for SILO CL is 750 kg. SILO L with internal access opening and SILO CL with external access opening.


Each storage system is equipped with software which, via remote connection, ensures that assistance is provided promptly. It also means that all of the PLC software and management software can be updated in real time.


The housing within the two storage columns (front and rear) which holds the various trays is known as a storage cassettes. Every tray is associated with a precise storage cassette, which means that every time it is handled and brought to an access opening, it is returned to the same place.


SILO is equipped with access openings (internal and/or external) which can be positioned on different levels and/or opposite each other. They are fitted with safety light curtains to prevent personnel or objects from entering the system when the device is bringing trays to the access opening or taking them away.

In an external access opening the tray is delivered outside the perimeter of the storage system to enable easier retrieval for above all long, heavy and/or bulky material. It can also make use of power-assisted systems and/or automatic systems (such as overhead cranes, pneumatic manipulators, anthropomorphic robots etc). The tray handling system is achieved by using a chain device controlled by a geared motor with inverter.

In addition to material retrieval from the front, this type of access opening can be fitted with open lateral sections in order to ensure that the bars stored in the warehouse system can be removed sideways to pass them to the processing machines.

In addition optional load sensors allow the stored material to be weighed in order to avoid overloading the tray and damaging the storage system.

The auxiliary access openings (internal or external) can be located on different system levels and/or opposite each other.


The trays are the storage units of the SILO storage system and can be of two different types.

The L series has solid-bottomed trays, made from sheet metal, which provide storage for items of various shapes and sizes. On specific request the trays can be equipped for the storage of special products.

The CL series, meanwhile, has open, lattice-bottomed trays made from tubular steel (the bottom) and sheet metal (the sides) to provide storage for tubing and bars.

Watch our SILO System in Operation:

  • Vertical space allows maximum exploitation
  • Machine height modifications
  • Divisible trays of various heights
  • Management system linkable to company information system
  • Climate control optional
  • Protection from dust/product damage
  • Series L CL
    Max.Load Capacity (kg) 500 / 750 750
    Width (mm) 3000/ 3500/ 4000 6100/ 6600/ 7100
    Depth (mm) 690/ 880 690/ 880
    Min.Height (mm) 85 (L=3000) / 110 (L=3500/4000) 183
    Max.Height (mm) 360 583
    Min.Pitch(mm) 100 (L=3000) / 125 (L=3500/4000) 200
    Min.Incremental Pitch (mm) 25 25
    Min.Load Height (mm) 125 200
    Max. Load Height (mm) 600 600

    Series L CL
    Storage System
    Width (mm) 3623/ 4123/ 4633 6733/ 7233/ 7723
    Depth (mm) 2454/ 3024 2476/ 3046
    Min.Height (mm) 3000 3000
    Max.Height (mm) 15000 15000
    Additional Modular Pitch(mm) 500 500
    Max.Fully-loaded capacity (kg) 100000 100000
    Speed (m/sec)
    Vertical 0.6 0.6
    Tray Storage or Retrieval 0.15 0.15

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