Vertical loop for the storage of long goods, cylinders, drums, rolls, etc.

The Intermat loop system utilizes otherwise “unused” air space to store inventory in different ways from single loop, double loop, multiloop and even the gantry loop. Each allowing operational workspace underneath, even with a limited amount of ceiling height available. A vast amount of stored inventory is possible in a small footprint.

Many loop system purchases are justified on reduced picking times alone. A potential user of loop storage has the option to consider either increasing productivity of the existing employees by creating faster transaction times; or reducing the number of employees required to perform existing tasks. In either case, arguments in favour of investment in this technology are compelling.

Our machines are configured to fit your load in your facility. With our Intermat systems you are guaranteed product protection and random storage with selective retrieval so that production always has what is needed, when it is needed. Retrieval times are minimized because the reversible drives allow for the shortest path retrieval. Controls range from simple up / down pushbuttons to electronic pre-selection.


Pedestal Storage

Ideal for storage of cylinders including print rolls, dyes and tooling. This type of storage allows the direct removal of the cylinders. Pedestal Storage offers safe and efficient retrieval of cylinders in production areas.

Trough Storage

Ideal for carpets, vinyls and general fabric rolls - Trough Storage ensures measuring and cutting of materials is carried out with accuracy and ease. This practical storage, measuring and cutting system prevents having to handle or move the full roll.

Suspended System

Best suited to the storage of print cylinders or fragile equipment where the walls cannot be directly handled. The Suspended System allows materials to be loaded onto trolleys with ease.

Center Hung

Accommodates storage of cable reels and drums. Cables can easily be extracted without handling the drum.

Watch our InterMat System in Operation:

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